Monday, April 26, 2010


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James Cameron's AVATAR
I admit that I was a little "skeptical" about this one BUT it is great! If you want to escape to a mystical place, this is a must see! This is not your regular boy meets girl storyline. I think those of you that have already see it will agree.
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Anonymous said...

I've also been skeptical. Thanks for posting your thoughts on the movie because now I won't cringe at putting it on the Netflix list.

Sea Witch said...

Ditto with Always Nesting. I have also been skeptical of this movie and have not seen it yet. My honey saw it in Colorado while visiting his son and said it was fantastic. With your review, I will now have to rent this baby and see what the fuss is all about. Thanks for the movie insight. (gotta love a blue skinned woman, don't ya agree? Sea Witch

Serline said...

My hubby and son went to see it a while back in IMAX 3D. I haven't had the time, so I'll wait for hubby to get me a disk to watch at home.

Anonymous said...

Was interested in your reaction to Avatar. I have not seen it yet but am planning to watch it. I will probably not get to see it in a theater but I do appreciate James Cameron's skills and imagination.