Thursday, April 28, 2011

THE Ring

Bonjour from Campagne Maison

Replica of Princess Diana's, and now Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, wedding ring

In 1981, I purchased this replica via mail order advertisement found in a local newspaper. I wore it for awhile then retired it to my jewelry box where it has remained all these years. I suspect that is why it is still in pretty good shape!

In celebration of the Royal Wedding, I thought I would wear it--along with my tiara, whilst sipping tea and watching all the wedding festivities on the tellie. (It is officially 4 a.m. April 29, 2011 and I am starting the celebration in grand American Tradition first--Coffee and donuts.....)

Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse for a visit today. We love having company!

Au revoir,


Lorrie said...

Have fun, Jacques! I'll be watching reruns tomorrow morning - I need the beauty sleep!
I've always admired that ring.

Jo said...

Enjoy ... I will be wearing a huge wonderful hat and sipping tea with friends while we stay up and watch all night! even got out my finest!

Sarah said...

Fun! Hope you have a good time. I'll record and watch it later. ~ sarah

Leslie said...

I am wearing my royal replica today!
I thought that the wedding was beautiful.
Have a great weekeend

Ana said...

You're so cute Jacque! Love the ring. Hope you had fun watching the royal wedding on the tellie:-) Have a wonderful new week my dear friend.

Hugs and Kisses,

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Love the ring,I sure had fun watching all of the festivities, only I was soooo tired all day!


Sea Witch said...

What fun. I'm not much of a taira wearing gal unless it is filled with sea shells LOL. But I love a big, feathered hat. That is what I wore with tea to celebrate the royal wedding. I love that you had the "ring" from Diana's wedding and that Kate now carries her legacy forward. HOpe you are doing well. Sea Witch