Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Corn Toss Championship-Part 1

Bonjour from Campagne Maison

Today's post contains lots of pictures so I will keep the narrative to a minimum. I will just try to give each person an identity and their relationship to me.

Our family was introduced to Corn-Hole or Corn-Toss at last year's reunion by my nephew, Chris. We all like a friendly game of competition and decided to ante the pot this year by giving away a perpetual trophy. Those of you that follow my blog have already read about that from a previous post.

We drew for partners and went into a double elimination match, which made for a very long day. And, needless to say, it was hotter than a firecracker this 4th of July!!

This is Ian. He is married to my neice Michelle and is Jace's father and Mya's stepfather. He kept us up to snuff with our double elimination board and Corntoss rules.

This is Connie, in perfect throwing stance for Corn Toss. She is married to my nephew Chris. They are the parents of twins, Conner and Parker, and little Miss Maggie. (Connie currently holds the title as Ms TN in her weight class in bodybuilding).

This is the back of my brother, Voy's T-shirt! He came ready to play!

This is two of my brothers, Rick and Voy.

This is my sister, J. Karen and my neice, Gina. Gina is the wife of Greg and the mother to Evan and Hayden.

This is my nephew Chris and his wife Connie. Chris is also Gina's brother.

This is Brandon, my sister Melanie's step-son. He is Mike's son.

This is my brother-in-law, Larry and Brandon. Larry is married to my sister, Patricia.

This is Greg and David. Greg is married to my neice Gina and David is boyfriend to my neice, Sylvia.

This is my oldest son, Sam II and my sister-in-law, Vicky. Sam is Haiven's dad and Vicky is married to Voy.

This is my great-nephew, Chad and my brother-in-law Mike. Chad is Jayci's dad and Mike is married to Melanie and is Brandon's father.

This is my sister Melanie and my sister-in-law Vicky. Melanie is married to Mike and is the mother of Chris and Gina. She is also grandmother to twins Conner and Parker, Maggie, Evan and Hayden.

The winner will be announced on tomorrows post. I'm bad!!

Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse for a visit today. We love having company.

Au revoir,


Anonymous said...

That looks like fun, but where is Jacque? Looks like alot of folks showed up. TL

Sea Witch said...

I have been so enjoying your family reunion postings. I feel like I'm there and should be on someone's corn hole team! What fun everyone is having. Sea Witch

Jacque said...

Jacque was taking pictures! LOL

Maggie B said...

Hi Jacque,
Boy, everyone looks so serious. I guess they don't like to lose?
Can't wait to find out the winner I think it was Connie. Am I right??
a bientot

Barb said...

That looks like so much fun!
Do you have to be a relative to attend? hehe!