Friday, September 25, 2009

It's A Wrap

Bonjour from Campagne Maison

It brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart to see how simple, inexpensive things can still make for fun times with the kids in this age of electronic games. Our children have no shortage of them and can usually be found caught in their hypnotic grip. Thank goodness they all have active imaginations, great social skills, and plenty of energy to still be normal kids.

A few cans of Silly String, a Slip-n-slide, some tattoos and enough water to keep squirt guns filled up for imminent battle, kept our kids occupied for hours. Jayci covered herself in dirt. I really do not know how her mother got it all out of her hair. Madison pushed a doll stroller up and down the hills. Hayden locked Mya and Haiven together with a pair of play handcuffs and they all chased each other across the bridge playing tag and hide and seek.

They even had fun having their pictures taken while holding the Corn Toss trophy!

Kaleb, Conner, Parker, and Hayden

Haiven, Mya, Evan, Conner, Parker, and Hayden

Maggie playing hide n' seek

Jayci--without dirt

Madison with her pool toys

Twins Parker and Conner Kung-Fu play fighting

Maggie...learning at a young age that it's tough being a woman in a man's world!

This is my niece, Sylvia. She is Rick's daughter.

This is my sister Patricia. She is married to Larry.

This is my brother-in-law, Wayne. He is married to J. Karen.

Our Family Reunion would not be complete without mentioning our father, Voy Rivers, who passed away on March 1, 1981. His tombstone reads "Taken too soon" and he was.

Last year we started a new family tradition to have our reunions here at the farm, in memory of our deceased brother-in-law, Carlos. His love for this farm was contagious. Without fail, at least one of us would accompany him out here, when we came to TN for a visit. It didn't take long for us to fall in love with the slower paced lifestyle and serene atmosphere of country living.

Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse for a visit. We love having company.

Au revoir,


Sea Witch said...

What I wonderful time "I" have had visiting your lovely family through these postings. So much love and joy and laughter abounds within your farmhouse and your family. The corn trophy is hilarous but even I would love to win one someday. LOL Sea Witch

Anonymous said...

It looks like a good time was had by all. Living in the country looks so nice. A much slower pace and peace and quiet when you need it. TL

Doris Sturm said...

Thanks for opening up your home and heart to us readers. I enjoyed meeting your family and can imagine you must feel blessed having them around. I always feel young around young folks and miss having my family near.

I enjoyed reading your post.


Barb said...

Hi Jacque,

It looks like you had a wonderful time. You are so fortunate to have such a big family. Love your pics.


Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi Jacque, looks like you have some live wires there, LOL ! I'm talking about the kids ! LOL .

And answering your question about the flatware.....I just thought it up about placing it at the bottom of the plate, LOL . And your comment about thought you were eating on the cruise ship....well, all I can say is flattery will get you everywhere girl !!!! LOL .

Sarah said...

Jacque, great photos of your family reunion. I think you decision to have the reunions at the farm was the perfect one. Looks like all had a wonderful time. FYI, a pink box arrived in the mail here. I'm so pleased to have one of your runners, and with roosters no less. The ornament is stunning. It will become the topic of a future Pink Saturday post here at Hyacinth. Thanks you again for your thoughtfulness. You'll here more from me shortly. Have a great day. ~ Sarah