Monday, March 15, 2010

"Idus Martias"

Bonjour from Campagne Maison


Roman Calendar: March 15th

A Roman festive day dedicated to the god, MARS, on which a military parade was usually held.

"Beware, the Ides of March"... a phrase best known for its inclusion by Shakespeare in his play, "Julius Caesar", when a seer warned Caesar to be on his guard against great peril on the Ides of March. On his way to the Theater of Pompey, Caesar caught a glance of the seer and joked..."well the Ides of March have come..", to which the seer replied, "Aye, they have come but they are not gone".

Caesar met his death that day, March 15, 44 BC ,when he was stabbed to death in the Roman Senate.

Symbol for MARS

Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse for a visit today. We love having company!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting story. Thanks for coming by to see all my home junk piled up :)

Lorrie said...

The Ides of March - I used to think this was an unlucky day for everyone, not just Caesar. But that's changed - it's just another day. I do think of Caesar's murder on this day, though.

My hubby started his new job today so I'm say "Yay for the Ides of March!"

mrs. c said...

I had just remarked to Hubby that I though the Ides of March were soon, thanks for the lesson!
i try to learn something each day and you were the teacher today!

Sarah said...

Jacque, what a fun interesting post. Thanks for sharing. Always love my visits to Campagne Maison. Hope all is well with you.

Anonymous said...

We survived the Ides of March. Hooray.