Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's NO Secret

Bonjour from Campagne Maison

It's no secret that I love watching The Housewives of Beverly Hills! I think Lisa Vanderpump reigns supreme in glamour, beauty, and as a successful restaurant entrepreneur. I've recently signed up for a "Dose of Divine", a newsletter written by Lisa that offers her opinion and advice on various subjects including wonderful recipes such as these:

 Campfire Cookies aka S'mores Cookies

Rather than copy and paste the recipe, I'm adding the link here where you can find it along with other sensible and practical advice.  I'm in agreement that it's the caramelization of the marshmallows in the batter of these cookies that make them "Divine".  
 I've also jumped on the "Drop Cloth" slipcover bandwagon.

The Mauve Wing back (with my assistant, Jack)
 I'm half way finished with the project but unsure at this point if I'll complete the cover. For some reason, it just ain't the look I'm going for! When I get to a fork in the road such as this, I usually sit is aside and "stew" over it for awhile.

The center back ( inside out )

The right wing--or is it the left?

The way I look at, I have two options--one:  toss it and find another material that "feels right", or two:  finish the project. Either one will be o.k. 'cause life is too short to sweat the small stuff!

Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse for a visit! We love having company.

Au revoir, 


Ana said...

Oh but you have a lot of it done already Jacque. I would definitely finish it. After all it's only a slipcover, which you could change if you don't like it when it's done... It's not like you are reupholstering it. But I think that once it's done you'll love it. Keep us posted.

Much love,

The Polka Dot Closet said...

OMG those cookies look divine. I love reality shows, but have never really watched that one. I don't know about the chair....Like you said any decision you make will be fine, it looks like you are doing a great job though. I would be hesitant when I got to the tufting though??? Let us know what you decide!


WendyBee said...

Hmmm... I'm used to be out-of-the-loop, and here I am again. Just what are those on the bandwagon doing with drop cloth slip covers? Is it just that the shabby-chic-rumply-look slip covers are made from drop cloths? (OK, now I'm afraid I'm revealing an appaling density of the cranium...) Anyhoo...I'll be interested to see what you end up doing!

Sea Witch said...

Hello Jacque. Not a fan of any of the housewives shows...these bat sh*t crazy women drive me nuts. LOL. Crazy, though, about your drop cloth slipcover. Can't wait to see the finished piece.