Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Bonjour from Campagne Maison

I was in the middle of mulching the flowerbeds when the postman arrived this afternoon. I knew when she drove up into the driveway that it meant she was delivering something “WONDERFUL”. A big smile came across my face as the anticipation built up inside me. The excitement of that “little kid on Christmas morning” became too much for me to contain, so I screamed “It’s my PAY IT FORWARD gift” and hurried straight to the house to open it. The DH was taking his nap but I woke him up so he could share in the excitement of seeing me open up something WONDERFUL. But first, I had to read the enclosed note out loud as if I were reciting a great work of poetry in a high school literature class.

As I lay aside the note, I slid my hands inside the box to discover something WONDERFUL. A special personalized notebook! And personalized it is too! I hope you can see in the pictures all the details! My name, butterflies galore, flowers, and quotes grace the cover. Inside there is a special zipper pouch chocked full of all kinds of goodies. Let’s see, post-it-notes, organizational dividers, colored highlighters, pencils, paper clips, a ruler. The list goes on and on. I have everything I need to organize and prioritize. No excuses now! I LOVE IT! It is absolutely WONDERFUL.

Hag, you made my day truly WONDERFUL! And NOW, I must fill you in on a little secret about me--I believe in karma, kismet, fate….yes, I do! It wasn’t by chance that you chose to add the word “WONDERFUL” to the front of my personalized notebook. You see, for years longer than I can remember, I have used the word “WONDERFUL” to describe my feelings for things that leave me speechless, that leave me in awe, that leave me without the words to explain how I feel. You can imagine my thoughts when I saw that you included it in your artwork.

SO that is the word I am using today to tell you AND all our blogging friends, that my PAY IT FORWARD gift is simply “WONDERFUL”.

Please leave a comment if you stopped by the farmhouse for a visit today. We love having company.

Be sure to pay a visit to and tell Debbie you saw something WONDERFUL at my house.

Au revoir,


Anonymous said...

That is very nice and wonderful.

Jacque said...

Yes, surprises--especially those that you know are coming but you have to wait for, usually are truly WONDERFUL and beyond description. Kismet and anticipation--they make me crazy!! The pictures don't really show all the 3 demensional details. It is really looking nice on my desk. Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse today and for making a comment. Please come again!

Anonymous said...

I agreee