Sunday, October 18, 2009

Amanda Jane

Bonjour from Campagne Maison

Amanda Jane Wyrick
Born: February 4, 1852 Died: June 30, 1936

I dusted off my remodeling britches, put on my history buff hat, and hit the road "investigating" as I declared "Administrative Leave" this weekend! Everyone that knows me knows that I L-O-V-E history, old houses, and graveyards. Ever since we started this remodeling adventure at the farmhouse, I've often wondered about the people that have lived in this house. I can't stand the thought of having a puzzle to put together and not having all the pieces. Well, the itch got so bad that I just had to scratch it! Sometimes, a woman has to do what a woman has to do..

Are there any of you like me???
...those unanswered questions, the not knowing about things, the wondering about the who's, the what's, the where's---that drives me up the walls sometimes. I spent almost 4 hours Friday, digging thru deed records and court house minute books until my husband finally declared it a full day. Those of you that know my husband, knows that he shares absolutely NONE of my passions, is usually a party pooper, and is best left at home with the remote control. (Note to self: Leave him there next time)

My mission is not complete but I have tracked the property ownership back to 1921 and have lots of names to research. YEAH....The most interesting information that I have been able to piece together pertains to Amanda Jane Wyrick. Don't you just love the sound of her name...Amanda Jane...!!

Amanda was living in the farmhouse at the time of her death in 1936. She was married to John V. Wyrick who passed away on my birthdate, January 2, in 1912. They were the parents of twelve children. At different points in time, three of her children held deed to the property. So far, it appears the "final kinship" ownership exchange took place in 1970. However, I may find that not to be true when I dig a little deeper into that family tree.

Fortunately for me, Amanda and her husband and some of their children and their spouses are buried in a graveyard less than one mile from the farmhouse. It is comforting to know that Amanda is resting so close to what was once her home.

Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse for a visit today. We love having company.

Au revoir,


Anonymous said...

I love this post. Keep us informed. I can't wait to turn the page to find out more.

Sea Witch said...

Jacque, this post touches my heart in the same way it does yours. I have always been drawn to cemetaries for the history of those who walked before us. I also have recently taken a few photos of grave markers while in New England and will posting those soon. I'm glad that Amanda is close by the farmhouse, she rests gently because you are there. Sea Witch

Doris Sturm said...

I enjoyed your post, Jacque. I, too, like wandering through old graveyards, but mostly just to admire the old headstones and ponder on the names. It's most interesting what you found out about the farmhouse and I admire your diligence in researching this.

Have a lovely sunday,

Anonymous said...

I too love history and genealogy. I have done research on all aspect of mine and my husbands family tree. Haven't taken any graveyard pictures as I knew where they all are. That may be something I need to add to my site. It is an obsessive attraction.

Lorrie said...

I'm another history lover. I hope you will keep us informed about the information you find. It's all so interesting. 12 children - can you imagine?


Ana said...

Hi Jacque,
How intresting. I'm sure that there is so much history in your 100 year old farmhouse. It'll be fun digging up information on previous owners and maybe discovering some fun facts. Let us know what else you can find. How exciting. Have a wonderful Monday.

Hugs and kisses,