Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hyde Park

Bonjour from Campagne Maison

Hyde Park

(viewed from left side--falls lower at foot of bed to accommodate wall script at head of bed)

Hyde Park, home of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, stands as a living memorial to one of America’s most influential people. For wherever FDR traveled-as New York state senator, governor, and four-term president—the home remained the place where he could rest and regain his strength. In January, 1882, Sallie Roosevelt gave birth to Franklin in the “blue room” or “birth room”. The bed’s filet crochet coverlet with saw tooth border was made by Anna McGowan, a family housekeeper. Years later, FDR chose this stately room, as his own”. (Excerpt BHG, Aug 1982)

The pattern for the bedspread was published in Better Homes and Gardens, August 1982. It was lovingly made and gifted to me by a sweet lady that I first met when I was a young teenager. Years later, she and her family began attending the church where I was a member. Over the next couple of decades I had the privilege of teaching their daughter, Jennifer, in Sunday school and in the Junior Choir.

Shortly after she completed crocheting the bedspread, she telephoned me to say that she wanted to “thank me” for being a positive influence on her daughter, as well as the other youth in the church. She said that she wanted to express it verbally, as well as with a gift. She told me that she was sending a gift to me that she had made and then made me promise that I would use it and not pack it away in a closet. So, I promised! When Jennifer presented the package to me and I opened it, I was totally in awe! I could not imagine the many hours that it took to complete the crochet project. Included with the bedspread was a copy of the BHG magazine page with it pictured on FDR’s bed.

(Close up view of detailed filet crochet)

Over the years, I have used it as a bedspread, a throw at the end of the bed, and displayed on a quilt rack. When we moved to the farmhouse, I knew that I wanted to continue to keep my promise to use it, and now it is being used a canopy over my bed.

Shortly before we moved from AR to East TN, Jennifer’s mom went home to Heaven. Although I never felt worthy of any accolades or deserving of such a wonderful gift, I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to have known such a wonderful woman and her family. Jennifer is currently employed at my hometown newspaper office and is married to a police officer. Although she is all grown up now, I shall forever remember her performance as Raggety Ann in Two Nights Before Christmas, one of our best Jr Choir contatas!

In memory of Carolyn F. Bolick, (8-24-1946--11-11-2007)

Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse for a visit today. We love having company.

Au revoir,

ADDENDUM: I received a sweet Thank You email from Jennifer after she read this post. I am so happy to add that she and her husband, Steve, are expecting their first child in January--a son, and his name will be Daniel James. God gives good gifts to his children!


Sea Witch said...

Hello Jacque. Just catching up on everyone's posts since I was away. Don't you just love crocheted beadspreads? The have so many uses and look marvelous wherever you put them. I even used a huge one as a french door screen one year. It looked lovely with the sun shining through it. Sea Witch

Lorrie said...

Bonjour Jacque.
What an amazing gift. It's so beautifully done. I know you must think of her often and treasure the memories.

By the way, I answered your question about felted wool sweaters in a comment under your question on my blog.

Today I'm finishing up stuff for the craft fair on Saturday.

Have a great day,

Chris said...


What a wonderful, heart-felt gift! I love the memories attached to it.

Maggie B said...

Hi Jacque,
What a wonderful gift with so many memories attached.
Thanks for visiting me in HHI, we're having so much fun we've decided to extend the vacation

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Oh Jacque your spread just took my breath away ! What a wonderful wonderful gift. Know telling how many hours and hours it took her to make it !