Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fleur de Lis

Bonjour from Campagne Maison

This is the painting technique that I used on the Dining room walls. After removing wallpaper and paneling and repairing and patching sheetrock, a California knockdown or skip trowel treatment was applied to all the walls and ceilings in the farmhouse.

My niece, the Design Diva, reported for duty once again to help with this project. She man-handled the plaster hopper and I followed behind her with the flexible knockdown knife to create the texture. It wasn’t really that difficult (probably because I wasn’t the one with that heavy apparatus strapped to my back) but the process has to be done quickly AND it sure is messy! There is still plaster on parts of the floor that I’ve yet to get removed. I sure am happy that we had the foresight to save the flooring as the final "layer of design" in the farmhouse remodel. I shudder to think what condition they would be in with all the sheetrock mud and painting being done around here.

I just love the high and low textures that this technique gives to the walls, especially when a French Wash is applied. After painting the walls and applying the wash, I used a rubber stamp to add the Fleur de Lis. I measured off the distance in between each stamping and just went with it! I chose Ralph Lauren Ballroom Gold for the initial print and after that dried; I applied a “shadow” print by using the same rubber stamp BUT with metallic silver leaf paint. I completed the look with a small diamond stenciled in between each Fleur de Lis. I am especially fond of both colors used together and the shimmer they add to the entire room. It adds the “French Twist” to Country and that “added touch of the unexpected”.

This was a NO COST project. The gold and silver paint and the rubber stamp were “leftovers” from other projects. Cheap is good…FREE is better…

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Au revoir,


Her Majesty said...

Friday morning I was lying in bed when inspiriation struck! It's been a long time coming, and I was starting to doubt myself, but once it started, it just moved from room to room! You'll be proud to know that I'll be putting into practice one of your 3R's.....recycle. We've had a television on our dresser for what seems like forever, but when we moved into our new home I didn't want it there. I didn't know what to do with it...........well, I knew what I wanted to do with it, but I couldn't afford it. When I wasn't looking, Ken (my DH---but probably/possibly a different meaning than your DH) and Christian brought in Megan's old vanity and put the TV on it. Yuck! A couple weeks ago......in what I would call a "power play", DH and Christian snuck in the burgundy gun safe and put it in the corner of the bedroom where the vanity had been. Then they put the TV on top of the safe and moved the vanity in front of the window. Even yuckier! No big dea, I though........I'll was just yard sale it. Then inspiration set in. I decided I could cut it righ down the middle--side to side--and remove about a 6-8" piece, reglue it, sand it, paint it black, beat it a little........and then put it under a big iron mirror I have in my entry way. It has a stool that goes with it and I thought about sanding and painting it too, and just for a touch of color, putting on a lime green fabric seat to match the deco in the entry. Anyway.......that was just the beginning. I'll tell you more inspiration as things develop. In the mean time......I'm looking for old Dick and Jane books......From the Majestic Mountains of Utah----Her Majesty

Jacque said...

Thank you SO much for stopping by the farmhouse today. I know you have a new home, so you have a blank canvas to work with. Sounds like you already have your "modus operandi". Just surround yourself with things that you love and that reflect your way of living and "Keep it real"! But, most of all--have fun.
If you are serious about the Dick and Jane books, let me know. I see them all the time...