Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Medallion Part II

The fireplace surround was cut freehand out of MDF. No fancy router cuts or finished edges, just plain and simple but curvy, just like I requested. The DH actually started the project while we were still living in AR and brought it to the farm for assembly during one of our work weeks. It only took a few minor adjustments, which is unusual as nothing in the farmhouse is plumb or level.

I made the insert for the Medallion using a white craft foam sheet. Then I painted on the initial and glued it inside the frame. After giving the entire piece a couple of coats of paint, I hung it smack dab in the center of the surround. I chose to hang the frame UPSIDE down because I wanted the point on the top to be at the bottom—like I said--a woman’s prerogative!

The mantle was fashioned from a shelf board that was taken from the old garage/storage building that had to be demolished. It is a solid piece of oak that was milled on sight, and like the lumber in the rest of the house, the saw blade marks are still visible. I painted it black and then applied a Flekstone paint finish that resembles granite. Then I applied three coats of aggregate sealer for protection as well as for shine.

I just recently added the fluted trim and the bulls-eye accents to give a little more substance to the surround. It is painted Woolen White and generously glazed with Behr Pearlescent White Opal decorative paint. That stuff is wonderful! It gives the wood a translucent luster that changes colors with the direction of the light—just like a pearl—just like I had envisioned—just like I wanted.

I usually try to give the approximate cost of each project but I am not really sure about this one. I have forgotten the cost of the MDF. I think it was around $ 25.00. The pearlescent paint cost around $ 20.00, the Flekstone paint is around $ 12.00, the picture frame was $ 3.00 and the other items were leftovers from other projects. My guess is it totaled around $ 60.00.

I consider this project finished but the DH says it ain’t finished until his 42” flat-screen television is hanging on the wall above it. Hummmmmmmmm…that WAS the deal.

Please leave a comment so I will know you stopped by the farmhouse to visit today. We love having company.

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TL said...

Well, as always, this turned out real good. You are a pro at this stuff. You should be on HGTV. TL