Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's A Frame Up!

Bonjour from Campagne Maison

If confession is good for the soul then I should be better than good. Yesterday, I admitted to having a love affair and today I have another issue to put on the table--or is that the wall? I have a frame fetish!

Most of the time, I buy a picture for its frame. And, in doing so, over the years I have accumulated a lot of them. I have small ones, large ones, round ones, square ones. I have wooden ones, metal ones, iron ones, and plaster ones. Some are brand new and some are in a state of much needed repair. Sometimes I paint them, sometimes I decoupage them and sometimes, if the mood strikes, I do both.

The DH gets angry at me about my frames, especially when he bumps his head on one hanging from the attic rafters or trips on one that has fallen off a hook. I agree that they are bulky and awkward to store and they do take up a lot of space. And, space is at a premium here at the farmhouse. So I am coming up with lots of uses for them. I double and triple hang them, place them around wall sconces, use them as “trays” on tabletops, and on occasion, I use them to frame pictures. Who knew?

Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse today. Please leave a comment if you also have a frame fetish OR know of other creative ways to use picture frames. This may be an emergency situation as the DH is cleaning out his workshop and the attic will be next!

Au revoir,



I think your frames and your house look great!! Thanks so much for stopping by to visit me and I enjoyed my visit with you too(;

Coleen said...

oh these are so how you used them for decorating!!!!

Heart Hugs,