Monday, April 6, 2009

Une Semaine Occupée

Bonjour from
Campagne Maison

The hammers were swinging and the saws were humming at the farmhouse this weekend. The weather finally gave us a break from all the rain, so work has commenced on the backyard deck. It is all framed up and looking great! Pics of that project will be coming soon.

The weatherman is using that four letter word again….S-N-O-W. One day we are lathering on sunscreen, the next day we are layering on clothing, go figure!

No worries here though because we have plenty of projects going on inside the farmhouse to keep us busy. I am painting the guest bedroom and the DH is framing up the half-bath. I will also be posting pics of those projects later. We have doctor’s appointments and our children and the grandkids are coming for Easter weekend, so things are going to be moving in fast-motion at the farmhouse this week.

For those of you that know about Jack-E from my post “Free Kittens”, (if not, you must read it), she now has triplets. They were born Thursday night and they are adorable! The grandkids are more excited about seeing them than they are about seeing us. Talk about being fickle!

Thanks for stopping by Campagne Maison today. Please come again. We just love company!

Au revoir,

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That is some cock and bell. TL