Sunday, March 1, 2009

2 fer' 1

Bonjour from Campagne Maison©

Today is "two for one, buy one-get one free, half-price" day! To my amazement, I have somehow managed to sneak in a little movie time amid those daily duties of house cleaning, laundry, and cooking. If you want to see a couple of good movies, let me recommend these to you:
TAKEN-The same old story line of a retired secret agent man whose stupid teenage daughter goes off to a foreign country with another stupid teenager and gets kidnapped to be sold into a National prostitution ring. Naturally, only HE can save her. It has some suspenseful James Bond type antics with white knuckle moments, nothing special but still worth the watch.

SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE--YOU GOTTA see this one! I was a little skeptical about even watching this one but must admit I was hooked at the beginning. The only thing that I didn't care about was the subtitles--I HATE THOSE. I am sitting there, trying to read them and the scenes are changing faster than my eye/brain co-ordination, so it leaves me wondering if I have missed something--this getting old is catching up with me!! The story line is very good and the actors are phenonmenal. I can certainly see where it is nominated for Motion Picture of the Year, and several other categories. Even though I absolutely loved "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", I hope Slumdog wins. Makes me even want to watch the boring Emmy's on Sunday night.

Company is coming from AR tomorrow and us folks here at Campagne Maison are excited. We love it when our family comes to visit! Our Mama, the 86 year old clean freak, sat in a chair and cleaned her carpets 'cause they were "so dirty". She has this "thing" about company and her house....She reminds me so much of Martha in the scriptures when Jesus was coming to visit, ...and me........(what can I say--you gotta love her!) Have a great day in blogland..

Au revoir

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