Monday, March 23, 2009


Bonjour from Campagne Maison,

We all have them. Most of us have way too many. I certainly have more than my fair share. They are called "collections"-- an accumulation of like things. In my opinion, that is just a fancy term that we all use simply to justify our "need" to have multiples. What is it about that certain item that makes us seek it out? We search the stores, we rummage the yardsales, we probe the antique stores, we research the Internet, WE LIVE FOR THE HUNT!

This is one of my MANY favorite "collections" Royal Warwick Lochs of Scotland Blue and White Transferware. I purchased a large box of these dishes at a local antique store several years ago for $ 20.00. The "collection" was full of mix-matched patterns, Loch Duich, Loch Awe, and Loch Dich, that when put together makes more than two 8 pc place settings. Deal, huh???

I did my homework--a little "research" so to speak--on the "collection" to satisfy my curiosity and also to obtain knowledge for a little braggin' rights! They were offered as premiums at Kroger stores in 1972. (I actually obtained a set of Blue Willow from the Big Star stores during that same time frame). That makes them around 37 yrs old.

IF I could, should, or would even consider selling them, let's say, on E-bay--AND get fair market value, I have made a HUGE return on my $ 20.00 investment. Shudder that thought!! I can't ever do that...never....I love them and wouldn't that be like selling one of my kids?

If you have a "collection" that you would like to share on this post, please leave a comment so we can all mosey on over to your sight and take a look. It would be fun to see alot of different "collections" and what it is about them that inspires you to "collect" them.

Au revoir....

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