Sunday, March 15, 2009

"IT" is finished..

Bonjour from Campagne Maison,

"It", the pantry, has been a challenge but anything worth having usually is and well worth the time and effort involved in doing it. I really didn't know how much I missed having a pantry until we got "IT" finished and all my food sundries and staples transferred into "IT".

As Forrest Gump says, "you never know what you get...." and when remodeling a 100 year old farmhouse, dealing with walls that are not plumb and floors that are not level, you never know how the finished product will turn out. Aside from the usual "disagreements" between two head strong carpenter wanna-bes and a couple of plan revisions, it all came out in the end.

Pictures of the before and after photos of "IT" are in my flickr badge. I just can't get the edge on inserting images into my posts. (Am I the only person left on earth that has a hard time getting a grip in this computerized world? Oh well...that is another post for another day). I sit here admiring the finished handiwork, I find myself wondering why on earth we didn't build it bigger (as all you ladies of the house can attest to). The thought of which project to tackle next is burning bright inside my head. I know we can get at least one more inside job done before the weather gets "right" and we can move on outside. I think I have just the one...

Au revoir,

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