Sunday, March 1, 2009

Groundhogs Day 09

Bonjour from Campagne Maison©.....

It was pouring down rain like crazy yesterday morning and all of a sudden the rain turned into the BIGGEST snowflakes that I have ever seen! I would venture to say they were as large as a half-dollar and they were falling as fast as they did when just seconds before--they were raindrops. In less than fifteen minutes the ground, the roads, the trees..EVERYTHING was completly covered in a beautiful, pristine, white velvety blanket of snow. What a gorgeous sight!!
It has been forever since I have seen that amount of snow on the ground. I seriously contemplated going outside to scoop up a huge bowl of it and make snow-cream but with the ozone and the unknown air quality, I finally quenched the urge. It did bring back, however, alot of good thoughts of childhood and of how delicious that snow cream always was (i think it was the vanilla)..YUMM-O...the thoughts, the tastes, the smells, and the great adventures of childhood.

Looking outside this morning, the sun is already shining, that gorgeous snowfall is slowly melting and yesterdays beauty will be tomorrows memory (and mud). Now, I am glad that I went outside in near blizzard conditions and waded through ankle-deep snow to take pictures. Please take a minute to view them in my new album, Groundhogs Day 09 Snowfall.

Life can be fickle but it sure beats the alternative! Have a good day.

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