Sunday, March 1, 2009


♥ Bonjour from Campagne Maison©...

Spazo's© ...

It's Personal..It's Quirky..It's Different..It's Fun....What does it mean? I do not know. For years, I thought it was my daddy's name as it was the only term of endearment that my mother ever called him. Later on in life, I learned that it was a nickname given to him, by whom and for what, I do not know. But, for some reason it has just stuck in my brain, embedded, imprinted, like a colorful tattoo.I am Spazo's daughter and there are six more. Spazo also had three sons. My mother Kathryn, whom my daddy called Kat, is Spazo's Kat.

Once, I named our new Boston Terrier, Spazo. He was spastic, it sounded good, and it just worked! And now, it continues to work. It is officially the name of our Flea Market booth. "Spazo's©" will officially open at the Sweetwater Flea Market on Saturday, January 31st.
Any and all ventures associated with Campagne Maison--Country with a French Twist will now be available exclusively and only thru Spazo's©... Gosh, that sounds professional and that works!
**Dedicated to my dad, Voy Rivers Gillentine a.k.a. Spazo, who went to Heaven on March 1, 1981.

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