Friday, March 27, 2009


Bonjour from Campagne Maison

This post applies to by my 3 R rules-REpurpose, REfinish, REcycle AND
my motto: Cheap is Good--Free is Better!

Case in point: This ceramic backsplash in the farmhouse kitchen. The only thing purchased to complete this project was the terra cotta and mosaic accent tiles and a few bags of tile spacers. Everything else, including the concrete backer-board, the thin set, and the mortar, was leftover material given to us by family members who had recently built a new home or remodeled an older one. Fortunately, we were able to design a pattern with the assortment of tile colors and that saved us big bucks.
Total cost of this project was less than $ 30.00. I just love it when a plan comes together!

Au revior,


Thrifty and Proud of It said...

Hi. Your blog is very cool. And what work on your house. Thanks for the connection.

Jacque said...

Thank you for checking it out! Like this farmhouse, it is still a work in progress and I have a terrible time attaching pictures. Surely I will get the hang of it someday.